Golf Inspired Birthday Cake

My hope was to share this cake yesterday, but I didn’t get home until after 9pm. However, it was such a hit, you get to see it today! Today is my Dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday Pops!); but he had plans today so we celebrated yesterday afternoon. Overall it was a very Golf themed birthday; he got golf clothes, golf balls, tickets to a golf tournament, a golf cake, and today he’s…wait for it…golfing (shocker!)

The tournament tickets and golf cake were my contribution and I think they went over quite well. It was also pretty easy since I used store bought cake and mix. The love was in the decorating.

The Goods:

  • 1 Box Dark Chocolate Cake Mix (plus eggs, oil, water, etc)
  • 2 Cans Vanilla Frosting
  • Green Food Coloring
  • Cake Decorating ‘Grass’ Tip (bought at Michael’s for less than $2) & Pastry/Plastic Bag
  • Small Juice Glass

Since I would be transporting the cake,I also purchased some disposable 13×9 baking tins. They worked out great since they came with a plastic lid and my dog wasn’t able to attack it in the car on the drive to my parents house. Although, he did some major sniffing and had his eye on it the whole time.

Following the boxed instructions, I made a Dark Chocolate Cake in the lightly greased tin. I actually made this cake on New Years Eve, allowing it to cool overnight so I could frost it first thing yesterday morning.

Dark Chocolate Cake

On Sunday morning I pulled out the frosting supplies.

Golf Birthday Cake

To ensure that the grass frosting stuck to the cake, I did a very thin layer of vanilla frosting. I think the professionals call this something like a ‘crumb coat’. I am not a professional cake decorator, that will become very clear, but I did pick up a few tips by watching all those cake decorating reality shows.

Golf Birthday Cake

Next I greased a juice glass…

Golf Birthday Cake

…and pressed it upside down into the cake. This was to create the golf hole.

Golf Birthday Cake

Press the glass all the way down to the bottom, twist slightly, and slowly pull it back up. Remove the entire cake circle.

Golf Birthday Cake

Use some of the cake that was pulled out and crumble it into the hole to cover any of the tin that is showing. Eat the rest (of the circle, not the cake)!

Golf Birthday Cake

Set the cake in the fridge so that the first layer can firm up while you color the rest of the frosting.

Golf Birthday Cake

I’m a little bummed with the food coloring that I purchased from the grocery store. It would be perfect if I wanted pastel frosting, but I wanted a dark green to simulate grass. It took almost half the bottle of coloring to get the frosting dark enough.

I happen to have some disposable pastry bags, but you could also use a Ziploc bag with the corner cut off. Insert the decorating tip and you’re ready to go.

Golf Birthday Cake

This is where I realized the difference between homemade frosting and store bought. Store bought frosting is softer and will fall, where as the homemade butter cream would have created stiffer blades of grass. However, I don’t own any type of mixer (other than my own arm power), and I certainly wasn’t going to hand mix butter cream frosting. If you are using store bought, I would recommend putting the colored frosting in the fridge for a bit to firm up, decorating will be easier.

These were my very first attempts at using the grass tip, it took a few practice rounds to get the hang of it. When I did these I hadn’t refrigerated the colored frosting and it was starting to slump a bit since it was too warm.

Golf Birthday Cake

I have a new found respect for cake decorators…this was tedious.

Golf Birthday Cake

Golf Birthday Cake

Golf Birthday Cake

Golf Birthday Cake

Golf Birthday Cake

Not bad for a first time decorator with store bought frosting. I think it looks somewhat grass-like.

Golf Birthday Cake

Once we were at my Dad’s house, we popped a (clean) golf ball into the hole.

Golf Birthday Cake

Golf Birthday Cake

The cake was a big success, in fact we didn’t even wait until after dinner to eat it. I think we waited a whole 10 minutes before having the first slice. We even bypassed candles and singing.

It was that good!


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52 responses

  1. I made this cake, but, for the golf ball, I made a golf ball sized white cake ball and dipped it in Vanilla almond bark. I let it start to firm up and then made the holes in the ball with a meat tenderizer. It was so cute. I set another “ball” on a long golf tee at the other end of the cake. It was a big hit with my hubby’s golf group,

  2. Great idea! I think when I make this for my husband I will lighty color the “crumb coat” layer with green food coloring so that the white won’t show through…

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  7. This is a very cute idea! I’ll have to try this for my husband. I would like to suggest using wiltons food dye. You can also get it at Michaels or even Wal Mart. It is far more concentrated than the bottles of food coloring. Also you may be able to buy their buttercream that is thicker, great for decorating!!!

  8. It looks awesome 🙂 FYI … if you want a deep, rich color, try using gels instead of food color (if that’s what you used). The gel color gives a better color though you still have to add a fair amount to get a really deep color. The gel won’t change the consistency of icing as much as using lots of food coloring may.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Inge! I did use food color since that’s all I had access to, and was very disappointed in how light the color turned out. Next time I’ll use the gel.

  9. Do you think I could frost this the night before I need it and keep it refridgerated? Or would the frosting/grass fade or slump too much? I can’t wait to make this!

    • I don’t think you’d have a problem at all frosting the cake the night before. The slumping issue I had was because the frosting was too warm, so keeping it in the fridge overnight should keep the grass peaks stiff until you’re ready to eat. Enjoy!

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  17. Great idea! I am going to make this for my brother`s birthday with lemon cake mix as that is his favourite. I will use the mini icing sugar covered donuts as edible golf balls.

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