Eco Challenge 2012

For the month of March I’ve promised to try one eco tip a day to move myself in the direction of being more eco conscious. Some of the changes will stick long term, while others may not. That’s all part of the challenge to try something new and see what works for me and my lifestyle. I’ll keep a recap here in case you want to catch up on any of the past challenge days.

*I didn’t get them all done in March as I had hoped, so I’m continuing the challenge throughout the year with hopes that it will later become a regular feature on the site.

Start A Garden

Lose the Dryer Sheets

Meatless Monday


Dog Grooming

Ditch the Printer (For Work)

Displace Water

Reuse Newspaper (How to make a Newspaper Seedling Pot)

Join A CSA

Eco Showerhead

Fruit Fly Removal

Solar Light Lanterns for the Garden

Reusing a Light Bulb (Inspiration)

How to extend the life of your CSA Veggies

Humane Mouse Trap

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