DIY – How To Use a Hurricane Candle Holder for Kitchen Utensils

A few years back I picked up a really beautiful Hurricane Candle Holder at West Elm. Ever since, I’ve been using it to hold utensils in the kitchen. It’s worked great and easily matches any decor. Hurricanes are a really great multi-use decor item, but are often overlooked. I have several throughout my house, they hold utensils, toilet paper, act as trash cans, etc. They aren’t just for candles anymore.

Hurricane Utensil Holder

The only problems I have with the piece is that the bottom is detached from the body of the hurricane. This is perfect if your using it for candles, but not for top heavy spoons and spatulas. It tips off the base constantly, it’s a surprise it hasn’t crashed into a million pieces yet.

Hurricane Utensil Holder

As a quick fix, I decided to adhere the bottom to the hurricane body with a little tacky glue.

Hurricane Utensil Holder

I tipped the pieces over and piped glue along the bottom of the hurricane body, as well as the base.

Hurricane Utensil Holder

A little glue seeped out of the bottom, but it was easy to quickly wipe it clean.

Hurricane Utensil Holder

I let it sit for a while upside down to dry.

Hurricane Utensil Holder

Then I flipped it over and let it sit for a while longer to ensure everything was dry.

Hurricane Utensil Holder

It worked like a charm, and whole project was FREE since I already owned the Hurricane and the glue.

Hurricane Utensil Holder

Sometimes it’s the easiest projects/fixes that make the biggest difference. I can’t tell you how nice it has been to not worry about breaking the hurricane when grabbing for a spoon.


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