Pinterest Fall Challenge: Chalkboard Thermostat Frame

It’s that time again!!!


The lovely lades at  Bower Power, Young House Love, Ana White, and House of Earnest put out the call for the Fall Pinterest Challenge and I’m more than happy to join in. I had too much fun the last time (even though I posted a little to late to ‘officially’ participate).

In fact, I’ve had my eye on this project for a few weeks, but this gave me the kick in the ass motivation to get it done! So without further adieu…my inspiration comes from All Things Home. I was immediately smitten with the concept of framing a Thermostat.

The Inspiration…

Pinned Image

In my home, my thermostat is smack dab in the center of a wall. Meaning no traditional art fits above or below it. For this challenge, I wanted to frame the thermostat in a way that would make it a second thought. I wanted to create something that would be beautiful on it’s own and not just highlight thermostat. So I decided to turn my Thermostat into the artwork.

Behold…the Chalkboard Thermostat Frame!!

Thermostat Frame

The greatest thing about this piece of art is that it’s all one piece. Meaning I can take it down and use it in the next house, it hangs exactly like every other picture frame in the house.

So let’s walk through the details, because everyone can use a pretty thermostat frame, right? RIGHT?

Step 1:

Collect your supplies.

  • Large Frame (20 x 24)
  • Smaller Frame (5×7)
  • Thin Wood Board (24 x 24)
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Construction Glue (Liquid Nails)
  • Framing/Hanging Hardware
  • White Paint/Primer

Step 2:

Before settling on chalkboard, I had a few other ideas for the frame, such as bulletin board, pictures, fabric, etc…however, chalkboard seemed to be the best option for my home. Plus I thought it would be fun to play with. So I picked up a small piece of thin board at Lowes (they keep it near the sheets of pegboard) for about $5. The board was 24 x 24 which was perfect since I only had to cut 4 inches off one side for it to fit in the larger frame.

Once the board was cut to fit, I placed the smaller frame near the bottom. Using a Jigsaw I cut out a square that fit the size of the smaller frame.

Thermostat Frame Project

Yes, I really do use a large cardboard box for my workbench right now.

Thermostat Frame Project

…and yes, I really do have green carpet & green walls (a gift from the previous owners). :::sigh::: wood floors will someday be mine.

Back to the frame. Once the wood has been cut to fit both frames, its time to paint.

Thermostat Frame Project

Step 3:

I started out with a large canvas frame that I’ve had in my closet since ::ahem:: High School. I worked for 4 yeas at a Art/Framing store, so I have lots of scrap frames around the house. It was originally a beautiful champagne color, but for this project I wanted it white, so I pulled out my trusty Kilz primer and white spray paint.

Thermostat Frame Project

I brushed on 2 coats of primer and sprayed 3 thin coats of Satin White Spray Paint. I also painted the wood with 2 thin coats of Chalkboard paint. The smaller frame was purchased white, so it didn’t need any paint.

Thermostat Frame - In Progress

Step 4:

Insert the chalkboard into the larger frame and secure using Window Push Points. These are the same as framing push points, but they will be nearly half the price if you buy them at the hardware store as opposed to the framing store (see that framing job history is really paying off!)

Thermostat Frame - In Progress

Thermostat Frame - In Progress

Step 5:

Secure the smaller frame to the chalkboard using Liquid Nails.

Thermostat Frame - In Progress

This was my first time working with Liquid Nails and I was hoping a little would be enough. I was wrong. I had to go back and add a lot more after the smaller frame fell right off chalkboard. If you end up with glue showing between the designs on the smaller frame, just paint it white with some craft paint.

Thermostat Frame - In Progress

Thermostat Frame - In Progress

Make sure your helpers stay focused instead of staring off at the pretty flowers.

Thanks Baxter!

Thermostat Frame - In Progress

Step 6:

Once the smaller frame is completely dry, I added hangers to the back of the frame and hung it up on the wall.


Thermostat Frame

Thermostat Frame

Thermostat Frame

I can’t even explain how excited I am about this project, I love it. Thanks to all the ladies for hosting this ‘unofficial’ Pinterest challenge, I can’t wait until the next one!

Project Cost Breakdown:

Large Frame 20 x 24 (Already Owned) = $0

Thin Board (Lowes) = $5

Smaller Frame (Homegoods) = $8

Paint/Primer/Supplies (Already Owned) = $0

Liquid Nails (Lowes) = $3

Window Push Points (Lowes) = $2

Chalkboard Paint (Home Depot) = $12

Frame Hanging Hardware (Already Owned) = $0

Total Project Cost: $30



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  2. We are of like minds. I have a couple of thermostats that need to be covered and have decided how I was going to go about it…one is smack in the center of a small wall where I have a number of vintage wall hangings…The other I have camouflaged with a dried wreath. I love what you have created here….very ingenious and it will surely garner a lot of positive comments. The frames are beautiful. I have joined your followers list and invite you to join my followers list; as well,I hope you will grab a blog button. Hugs, Gayle

    • Placement can be tricky, I’d have to see how far off to the side yours is, but it may still work. You can place the hole for the thermostat anywhere within the larger frame to help it ‘appear’ centered on the wall. Although you would run into a problem if the thermostat is right next to a door/window frame.

  3. Thanks so very much for joining in with my weekly Pinning and Singing Pinterest Party. I love your amazing project and also love it that you actually made something you pinned-good on you!

    I know there are a lot of linky parties out there so please know that I am really grateful for your support and bloggy friendship!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

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