DIY: Cork Heart Holiday Sign

I already confessed that I don’t like Halloween…well…I don’t really like Valentines Day either. I know, I’m a total scrooge. I suppose I don’t have a problem at all with the actual Valentines Day, as a hopeless romantic, I do like days all about LOVE. My problem is that I don’t think you should need a holiday to buy your loved one some flowers. I would appreciate a bouquet so much more on a random Thursday than what you get on Valentines Day. But that’s just me…

With that said, I do like the romanticism of February so I do have a few Valentine themed craft/design plans up my sleeve for the next few weeks. First up was to swap out the winter theme door sign. Since it had a bit of a ‘Winter’ vibe, I’ve kept it up until now. 

JOY Yarn Holiday Sign

So I took down the trees and the ‘JOY’ sign, but left up the purple/green bell wreath. Instead of wrapping more letters in yarn, I used up the last of the corks to make a heart shaped sign.

Cork Heart Sign

Step 1:

Collect your supplies.

  • Corks (I used about 35 corks), cut each cork in half
  • Straight Edge Blade
  • Piece of paper/Pen
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue/Gun
  • Screw Eye
  • Ribbon
  • Paint/Markers (optional)
  • Paintbrush (optional)

Cork Heart Sign

Step 2:

Using the paper, fold it in half. Draw half a heart and cut it out using the scissors. This will be your guide for arranging the corks. Draw the heart as big as you want the finished sign to be.

Cork Heart Sign

Cork Heart Sign

Step 3:

Arrange the corks to get an idea of how many you will need. I cut mine in half because I didn’t have enough to complete the heart with the corks at full size. However, if you have enough, then you don’t need to cut them down.

Cork Heart Sign

Cork Heart Sign

Cork Heart Sign

Step 4: (Optional)

I wanted a heart that had a lot more purple so I decided to color the natural corks. I used a PrismaColor Violet Marker on a few at first. Pink and Red also worked really well in case you don’t like purple.

Cork Heart Sign

Cork Heart Sign

Step 5:

Using the hot glue, start gluing all your corks together.

Cork Heart Sign

Cork Heart Sign

Once the heart shape is glued together, you can start filling the heart. You may need to cut some of the corks down in order to make them fit.

Cork Heart Sign

The finished heart! I seriously considered leaving it as is, it was quite beautiful with just the natural and wine colored corks.

Cork Heart Sign

But I really had my heart set on a dark purple heart. So I broke out my paint, mixed up a very deep purple and started painting the corks. I did leave a few of the wine colored visible because I loved them too much to cover them up.

Cork Heart Sign

Step 6:

I added a screw eye at the top of the heart and threaded some light green ribbon so it would hang nicely on the front door post.

Cork Heart Sign

Cork Heart Sign

Since I ran out of sunlight, I’ll have to share the finished front door post on another day. I’ll also share what replaced the Christmas trees at the base of the post.

I already owned everything to make this sign, so the final cost was $0. FREE!


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